Peragro Development Report - Volume 1

There have been many interesting things in the pipeline of late. When sueastside isn't busy on facebook, stalking American studs like myself, he has been hard at work on DAMN. As cool as the name sounds, the technology is even cooler. DAMN is a simple acroynm for Digital Assets Managed Nicely. If you are familiar with asset managers such as those used for the unreal engine, then you will know how handy such a tool is. Far more interesting though is that it uses a web based interface, making it platform independent. This also means it won't require anything to be installed, you just login and go. It currently supports many advanced tagging features, asset browsing, search functions, and previews. It also supports collections, so multiple game projects can use the asset manager. If you are blessed with a WebGL enabled web browser, 3d objects can be directly previewed in an interactive 3d display that uses hardware acceleration. There are fallbacks for ancient technology have-nots, but its really worth using a recent build of FF4 or Google's Chrome Browser. There has also been work on ANVIL which is a world editor for CrystalSpace that utilizes DAMN as well.

While not technically PT work, dfletcher has been working on a very cool 3d browser based pinball game. He is also doing some work to create a Drupal Plugin for DAMN in Drupal. If you aren't familiar, dfletcher was instrumental in implementing the new website once Caym's design was complete.

Stay tuned, I've barely scratched the surface of some of the neat things going on these days! Next up: BLAST


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