DAMN meet Anvil

Now that DAMN our asset managing system is as good as up and running, we're stuck with all this art that is neatly organised and automatically exported...what to do...what to do?

Build a world editor that tightly integrates with DAMN ofcourse!

Anvil (yes that's a pun on Valve's Hammer editor) is build around the CrystalSpace engine and our own 'assetclient'-library (DAMN being the assetserver), it's basicly a C++ interface to DAMN and allows to query the server for a list of assets and their transcoded self (previews and CS engine format in this case). It uses a threaded jobqueue to smoothly do queries and receive updates in the background. Transcoded assets have a version, when requesting an asset from assetclient, it will automatically look for updates and either download the asset or return the data from it's local cache. Our world-plugin built around assetclient even updates instances live when it detects an updated asset!

Read more about DAMN and Anvil on our wiki.


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