Project Overview

Peragro Tempus is a free, open source computer game in the making. With a dedicated developer base we are, and have been working on releasing an enjoyable, but most importantly, playable release for the community to experience.

Peragro Tempus started out as a joint operation in January 2006, a combination of The Oracle of the Hidden, HELL and Bringer of Light. Which merged into one project, Peragro Tempus, an ambitious MMORPG with a dynamic evolving world, not quite like mainstream player versus player role playing games but rather as a real roleplaying project with a vast and detailed world to discover.

At its founding stood 5 developers; Jelle Hellemans, Pascal Kirchdorfer, Dan Härdfeldt, Mark Sanders and Seth Yastrov. All of them out-of-the-box thinkers with the ambition of creating something new and revolutionary: a free videogame that is open to sharing and development with the thought to give the player something radically different made by the community.

New developers saw the project's potential and even though some have moved on to something else, many have stayed and continued to develop Peragro Tempus to this day.
In its 4 years of development, the Allagi team have released test clients, developed completely new systems for artists and coders to use and have shown dedication to each-other and the community. And while many have realized it is difficult to create a game that is not funded or sponsored, it is still a major focus to release an enjoyable role playing game.

Peragro Tempus is set in the world of Phoria, divided between the 3 civilizations of Vaaloria (The old Kingdom), Kvalis (The Forest tribes) and Oro (Wild people of the mountains). Phoria itself is a great land surrounded by vast seas. Political intrigue and confrontations sets borders between the 3 peoples as wars and conflicts emerge over the control of portals that allows the travelling through time and teleportation of objects and man alike.
Development on Peragro Tempus is currently focussed on Barkbane, a portion of Phoria that lies in the North set 20 years before what is known as The Common Landing, an event that sees the invasion of a civilization of conquerors exploring new land to build on. With the creation of this land before time we hope to guide development towards one point in the hopes of releasing a test client that is both rich in content and setting, and ground to base future development on.

The Allagi team is always looking for new developers. Be sure to contact us by the means presented on this website and be a part of a social team that listens to the community and communicates correctly with its developers.


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