Happy Nanny Day

While not traditional news in the Peragro Tempus world, today has been spontaneously deemed "Nanny Day" at least in Tonganoxie Kansas where I reside. That Belgian guy who works on PT (sue or something) has a girlfriend (circeavalon) who resides with me (Induane). During the day she acts as a fulltime caretaker for my two daughters Lillian and Arianna who are ages 3 and 2 respectively. This is a job she performs fantastically and in the past months with my divorce, this has been one of the main sources of genuine comfort for me.I will probably never be able to repay that debt in full. Were it not for her friendship and wonderful nanny skills, I'd probably have gone crazy long ago and wouldn't even be around to help work on Peragro Tempus at all.

She does a pretty good job putting up with me too, given that I'm a stubborn lunatic at times, and in the true form of a good friend is willing to tell me when she thinks I'm taking a step in the wrong direction. Her role here may be behind the scenes in a way with her concept art showing up in a few places, but her contributions go beyond the scope of this project and in the generally vain and selfish world we live in, that is something very special.

- Induane (Brant Watson)


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