Our contributors have realized something. It is hard to make video games.
Most of us have attempted it on our own at some point or have gathered some friends who seem interested. When the going gets tough we find out who the real troopers are. Here we give credit to those who stay up late into the night ignoring friends and family in order to make this game a reality.

To contact the Peragro Tempus development team go to the contact page.

sueastside¹²Jelle HellemansCoding, Shaders, Art, Tools, Project manager
PK¹²Pascal KirchdorferCoding, Networking, Server
swedishcoder¹²Dan HärdfeldtCoding
Induane¹Brant WatsonSettings, Art
Jekkar¹Nick BastinArt direction, Settings
azaghalCoding, New Entity Branch
Darker Dreams¹RyanGame Mechanics, Art, Settings
CaymArt, Webdesign
RakhunInterface and NPC Code
caedesPablo MartinEditor, Tools
HooloovooSebastian QvarfordtArt, Web Coding
LeviaLars WesseliusCoding
Recon69Mogue carpenterCoding
Mr. GigglesTim SeymourMusic
dfletcher²DaveCoding, Web management
With any project some people eventually move on or have to deal with crazy things like..."real life" (whatever that is). We still like to acknowledge their help though as their contributions helped move the project forward even if they aren't as directly involved anymore.
CyaNox¹²Mark SandersHosting, Website, Project management, Modeling
iceeey¹²Seth YastrovCoding, Editor, Entities, Website
theboltMårten SvanfeldtCoding, Entities
KirakiCelesté BesterArt
LordbugArt, Settings
ArchonChrist BotnerModeling
RolenunCoding, buildsystem
EklinaIvan AAvramovicCoding, Art
ZanNick VanbergenSettings
ValbrandrJesse DuckworthSettings, Ideas
¹ These are considered the Peragro Tempus core members. ² The founders of Peragro Tempus.

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