Project ReFocus - Runscape Clone

After many years of development we have decided to migrate our development focus into a clone of the highly successful "RuneScape". This will greatly help in many ways:

* Removes need for good graphics
* Avoids a coherent storyline
* Can ignore balance issues
* Allows idiots to talk like "u stealed my cloudsong!"
* With it running in a browser we have no need to focus on stability - we can simply blame the browser for any and all crashes
* Animations can be recycled everywhere
* Menu system can be hacked together in html


Build Guide fixed

I don't know if Peragro itself is in a compilable state at the moment, but the build guide has been updated to reflect changes in packages and some issues with gtk dev packages on modern systems. Links to a newer version of nVidias Cg libraries are also included.


Meetup and a few other things

There hasn't been as much to report lately, but first things first. For those of you in the Eurozone or with a decent travel budget, hit us up in IRC. There will be a meeting in the haag from Jan 23rd to the 29th in conjunction with the people from TrinityReign. Lets get something fun done!

Keep watching for commits, I promise a few are coming soon. Also, give Jelle some props, he's done a tremendous amount of work himself. There are others helping but no one has the commit history that sueastside (Jelle) has!

Lets keep moving forward!


Anvil with a blender interface?

Interface as in GUI and API, It allows many of blender's features, such as splitting windows infinitely, shearing them of in a separate frames, merging them, selecting the 'space' to show in a window, customizable headers, panels and menus (with similar 'layout' interface as blender's python API). As well as an operator based framework and command pattern implementation for full undo/redo. A property system still needs to be implemented... (ignore the ugly 3D scene, just something I loaded as to not just have a black viewport)

Peragro Development Report - Volume 1

There have been many interesting things in the pipeline of late. When sueastside isn't busy on facebook, stalking American studs like myself, he has been hard at work on DAMN. As cool as the name sounds, the technology is even cooler. DAMN is a simple acroynm for Digital Assets Managed Nicely. If you are familiar with asset managers such as those used for the unreal engine, then you will know how handy such a tool is. Far more interesting though is that it uses a web based interface, making it platform independent.


Douche month

Since it still seems to be douche month (see previous wolfire post), I'll add this link too:

3DMagix, 3DMagixPro, IllusionMage, scam


Counterfeit Lugaru on Apple's App Store

If you work for Apple or know someone that does, please get this sorted out as soon as possible, thank you.

iCoder has no moral values what so ever.


DAMN meet Anvil

Now that DAMN our asset managing system is as good as up and running, we're stuck with all this art that is neatly organised and automatically exported...what to do...what to do?

Build a world editor that tightly integrates with DAMN ofcourse!

Anvil (yes that's a pun on Valve's Hammer editor) is build around the CrystalSpace engine and our own 'assetclient'-library (DAMN being the assetserver), it's basicly a C++ interface to DAMN and allows to query the server for a list of assets and their transcoded self (previews and CS engine format in this case). It uses a threaded jobqueue to smoothly do queries and receive updates in the background. Transcoded assets have a version, when requesting an asset from assetclient, it will automatically look for updates and either download the asset or return the data from it's local cache. Our world-plugin built around assetclient even updates instances live when it detects an updated asset!

Read more about DAMN and Anvil on our wiki.


Merry Christmas

The Peragro Tempus team wishes everyone a very open source Christmas. If you're not with loved ones, which we're sure of you're not, drop by our irc chatroom and recieve our blessings for the coming days and new year.

As a surprise to all of you in connection with these jolly days we have snuck something very special into the current release. If mommy bought Peragro Tempus for you for Christmas be sure to update your client and log in.

Your ever faithful servant,



Meeting 2010/12/18 Results

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